Thousands turn out for “La Grande Parade de Paris,” led by RCC!

What a sight! Nearly 1 million Parisians and other European and USA tourists turned up on the Champs~Elysees, to bring in the new year, and leading the parade was the Riverside City College “All Star” Band!  The 1.5 parade route, from the Place de Concord to the Arc di Triomphe, held on the most famous boulevard in the world, was overrun with revelers and well-wishers, many who shouted “thank you for being here” and “God Bless America” as the 225-member “Marching Tigers” made their way up – and then back. (that was also a first!)

RCC to host “Bon Voyage” Night, prior to departing for Paris!

MARK YOUR CALENDAR!  And then plan to join the Riverside “All Star” Band, as they host

their “Bon Voyage” Night – “An Evening of Pageantry” – on Wednesday, December 9th @ 7:30pm!

This exciting night of band performances will feature:  Fallbrook HS Band (headed to London), the Ramona Bowl “All Star” Band (headed to London, the Riverside “All Star” Band (headed to Paris), the Great Oak HS Band (headed to Paris) and special guests – the 222-member RCC “Marching Tigers,” in their final performance of the fall season AND their final performance under the direction of Gary & Sheila Locke.

RCC “All Star” Band selected as ‘Lead Unit’ for Paris Parade!

by admin
paris logo cmykAs if it weren’t already enough of an honor to be invited to be IN the inaugural New Year’s Day Parade in Paris, the Riverside “All Stars” have been selected as the ‘lead unit!”  As RCC Director Gary Locke expressed it: “Just imagine, we’ll be the first-ever college marching band to march down the famed Champs-Elysees and the BBC will even include us in their parade coverage package for their London Parade!  The timing (for them) is perfect!”
This is certainly a fitting accolade for the RCC Band, who are the only band to have been selected as the “lead unit” in the Tournament of Roses Parade, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, the Fiesta Bowl Parade, the Hollywood Christmas Parade and the New Year’s Parade in Rome!
Watch this space for more info and updates as rehearsals for the exciting and educational
“Paris Adventure” begin on September 27, at 1pm at RCC!  It’s gonna’ be great!