Fantasia Creates Snow Storm in Vegas, Earns Standing-O

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Have you seen it yet? The 2007 edition of Fantasia offers the audience a glimpse at a magical ‘winter fantasy,’ including young Prince Charmings and beautiful fantasy snow princesses, in a production called “Flurry.” With spectacular costumes – all white, wintery and shimmering – presented against a black stage, the show takes the audience on a magical adventure to the land of snow flakes.

Making the audience stand up, something that has been a tradition since the beginning of Fantasia way back in 1990, occurred once again over the weekend at the WGI Southwest Regional in Las Vegas. As the last strains of Prokovief’s Piano Concerto ended, the audience rose as one – to thank these busy college entertainers for their challenging – often risky – presentation, complete with a ‘rain of sabers.’ Watch out world! Over the next few weeks, the show will continue to evolve as the performers present images that are unique and memorable, just like snow flakes – no two ever alike.

91.6 – Pride of Cincinnati
89.3 – Fantasia
85.3 – Corona
85.2 – Santa Clara Vanguard
77.3 – In Motion
72.0 – Apex WG

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Using a stunning – yet gentle and romantic – prelims performance that all but decided the outcome, Fantasia claimed their 4th WGI World Class Championship, this time by a large margin! Outscoring 28 other world class winter guards, Fantasia earned a 97.2 and a warm reception (standing ovation) – matching the warm and sunny Friday afternoon at the famed UD Arena. The contrast in weather (in the mid-30s on Saturday night!) didn’t dissuade the sell-out crowd as they reacted enthusiastically to the show that featured 15 men, 15 women and 15 heavy mattresses.

Kudos for WGI Hall of Fame member Karl Lowe have been pouring in since Fantasia won by 1.4 points at the 29th annual WGI Championships. In a season marked by an ‘earlier than usual’ start (rave reviews at the January evaluation) as well as a constant ‘evolution’ of the production based on Brahm’s “Concerto for Violin and Orchestra,” the group performed at prelims in near-flawless fashion. As pointed out by WGI writer Michael Boo, this was “the 4th consecutive title in alternating years” – a period in which Fantasia earned medals in 1999-2004 and 2006. These talented college entertainers also won the WGI Silver Medal in Class A back in 1991 (Madonna show) and the WGI Gold Medal in the Open Class in 1995 (Marlene Dietrich show).

Congratulations to the Fantasia staff, including Karl Lowe, Mykail Costner, Scott Chandler, Rob Jett, Tim Mikan and Robby Jacobson. Staff coordinator is Sheila Locke and the guard director is Gary Locke.Ê And to the 2006 members – thanks for a great season!

Your last chance to catch this elegant presentation is SUNDAY, APRIL 23 at the WGASC Championships, to be held at the UCI Bren Events Center in Irvine.

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With a presentation that was definitely ‘warm’ and ‘romantic,’ the 30 men and women of Fantasia braved the snow, rain and hail of Las Vegas to win the WGI Southwest Regional. The white stuff that seemed to be following the group as they bused through the Cajon pass (elevation 4400 feet) finally gave way to sunny skies on Sunday, as the world class finalists all brought something unique and entertaining to the near-capacity audiences in attendance. In a town already bursting at the seams due the NASCAR event in town, it was like a ‘mini-nationals’ – what with groups performing from all over the state of California, Colorado, Florida, Oregon and Canada, not to mention Arizona and Nevada!

When the storm clouds blew over and the wet weekend ended up being dry and cold, the competitors shook hands or exchanged hugs and promised to “see ya’ in Dayton!” One girl, summing up the feeling of many of the 67 winter guards, exclaimed as she headed for her bus, “my Mom will never believe me…Ê snow… in the desert!” Of course, you can never be sure just what DID happen over the weekend because, as you know, what happens in Vegas…