RCC Drum Line Wins 5th SCPA Championship!

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Presenting a complex & more sophisticated show – that still includes their trademark ‘movement’ skills – the latest edition of the Riverside Community College Winter Drum Line won their 3rd consecutive Southern California Percussion Alliance Championship and 5th overall. Loosely based on the suites of cards in the deck, the show includes 5 movements… Spades – aggressively represented by music from Conan the Barbarian, Diamonds – represented by the music from a TV commercial, Hearts – represented by “Shape of My Heart” by Sting, and Clubs – a funky club dance scene… and the Joker – the last movement that includes a bit of everything.

Congratulations to the hard-working and talented performers and the outstanding staff that reads like a ‘who’s who’ of the indoor and outdoor percussion activity: Sean Vega, Jim Wunderlich, Mike Jackson, Paul Locke, Brian Dinkel, Chad McCormick, Chris Velez and our techs: Pete Sapadin, Fernando Miller, Cory Blee and Jen Swanek. The costumes are by Bobby Moffett and the floor is by Michael Bierek. The director is Gary Locke.

The RCC juggernaut rolls in to Richmond, Indiana April 19-20 for rehearsals and then on to Dayton for theÊ WGI Championships, at the Erwin J. Nutter Center, April 21-22.

RCC Drum Line Wins WGI SoCal Regional Championship!

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Great weather, great drumming, huge crowds! What more could you want? The 2006 edition of the WGI SoCal Regional, hosted (and won!) since 1993 by RCC, was a complete success, bringing together some of the top drum lines in the Western US. Video clips of some of the winners are now posted on the WGI website at http://www.wgi.org – check it out!

In a complete about face from last year’s bright colors and break dancing, RCC surprised many fans and judges by coming out in all black costumes, wearing black drums with black hardware. The dark visual impact mirrors the dark opening music, taken from the movie “Conan the Barnarian.” The show is thematically driven by cards and how they represent out lives. (52 cards in a deck, 52 weeks in a year… 4 suits – 4 seasons, etc.)

Movement 1 is spades, representing aggression, while movement 2 is diamonds – using music the audience recognizes from a recent television commercial. Soon to be added… movement 3, which is hearts – using the great Sting melody “Shape of My Heart.” Stay tuned – at future shows, movement 4, which is clubs, will be added.


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On Sunday, September 18, the band room at Riverside Community College was packed with percussionists – all vying for spots in the 2006 RCC winter drum line. There was a genuine buzz of excitement in the room as nearly 60 potential members filled out forms and paid their evaluation fee. The day included a movement class, marching evaluation, individual interview and performance evaluation, ensemble work, sectionals and a discussion of the goals and objectives for the new season. What a great day it was!

There were percussionists who had marched in the Blue Devils, the Cadets, Bluecoats, Santa Clara Vanguard, Madison Scouts, Pacific Crest, Troopers, Freelancers, Esperanza, Impulse and Yamato – as well as at RCC!


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In one of the most tightly contested championships in years, the exciting RCC presentation topped the 160+ drum lines at the recent WGI Championships, held at the sold out Ervin Nutter Center in Dayton, Ohio. The comments from the judges panel were glowing (396 out of 400 points in GE from Nola Jones!) and the standing ovations that followed the prelims and finals shows were a testament to the ‘freshness’ and excitement that the Riverside performers brought to the ‘big dance.’

In a complete departure from last year, utilizing bold slashes of color on a white floor & bright costumes, the line musically examined the essence of pop culture. The energetic presentation, an original composition by Sean Vegas and Jim Wunderlich entitled “Manifest Destiny,” again explored all aspects of movement. The break dancing that was ‘hinted at’ throughout the show was finally fully realized at the end when the battery members formed the traditional dance triangle and strutted their stuff – including a pretty effective ‘moon walk’ bit that brought cheers from the capacity WGI audience!

This is the 2nd WGI title for the RCC Drumline, having won the world class championship in 2002, and the 4th consecutive year that the group has earned a WGI medal at the season finale. Riverside now has earned an unprecedented gold, silver, silver and gold in the last 4 seasons – their only seasons that included the WGI Championships. The instructional staff includes Sean Vega, Jim Wunderlich, Mike Jackson, Paul Locke, Chris Velez, Chad McCormick, Pete Sapadin, Cory Blee and Jennifer Swanek. RCC would like to take this opportunity to thank Dynasty for the new pit equipment, as well as Zildjian, Vic Firth, Remo, Taye and Xymox for their support.