Getting Started at Riverside City College


THANK YOU for your interest in the world-renown Riverside City College Marching Band!

All programs of the RCC Marching Band (RCC Marching Tigers, RCC Events Band, Fantasia Winter Guard, RCC Indoor Percussion, and Riverside All-Stars) are classes at Riverside City College. In order to participate, you must be an RCC student enrolled in the corresponding classes of that program. You don't have to be an RCC student taking academic classes. You can just take the classes required to be in one of our programs. You can even attend another college while in our programs.

How do I join?

Select the program you'd like to join for more information:


RCC Tuition

California Residents

Enrollment Fee: $46 per unit


Out of State Students

Enrollment Fee: $46 per unit
Nonresident Tuition: $234 per unit


International Students

Enrollment Fee: $46 per unit
Nonresident Tuition: $234 per unit
International Surcharge: $67 per unit

RCC Fees

Health Services
$17 - Summer/Winter
$20 - Fall/Spring


Student Services
$2 - Summer/Winter
$15 - Fall/Spring


$5.50 - over 6 units
$5.00 - under 6 units
*Winter term n/a


Parking Permit
$25 - Summer
*Not needed for "band camp"
$50 - Fall/Spring