2018 Macy’s Tour

WELCOME TRAVELERS! This page contains everything we know and have talked about so far, including what was presented at our Macy's Tour Open House on Wednesday, January 17.

There will be more Macy's Tour meetings in the future. The next meeting is Tuesday, February 20 from 7-8 PM. All meetings will be in the Stover Music Hall marching band room (STVR 116) at Riverside City College. Parking enforcement will be in effect. Visitors should use the parking structure off Magnolia Ave. Short-term permits are available for purchase from machines at the structure for just a few dollars.

There won't be new material or info each meeting, but they allow you multiple opportunities to hear all about the tour and provide you a date and time to make payments in person (although payments can be dropped off to Kurt Kilgus almost anytime, please contact him for availability). Or you can mail in a check at any time. Please follow the payment instructions in the materials provided below.

  1. Watch the 2018 Macy's Tour trailer below
  2. View the PowerPoint Presentation slides
  3. Download the PowerPoint and Tour Itinerary PDFs
  4. Fill out the Google Macy's Tour Form at the bottom of the page
  5. Arrange to pay the $250 deposit (and/or additional payments)